Andy Lapine from Kelley Blue Book Talks About the Present and Future of Cloud Operations for Online Business.

Chris Henley, Sr. IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft, and Andy Lapin, Chief Architect at Kelley Blue Book, discuss the many benefits of Windows Azure for growing businesses today. Kelley Blue Book was one of the original companies to migrate to Windows Azure for utility computing and cloud storage. Andy discusses the ease of the migration and the many problems that Windows Azure solves for companies of all sizes and touches on how easy it is to launch new applications using Azure.

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About Andy

Andy Lapin is the chief architect for Kelley Blue Book. In this role, Lapin oversees all product architecture. He also leads Kelley Blue Book’s technical research and development, establishes company development standards and manages the architecture team. In addition, Lapin regularly participates in developer and architect community outreach on behalf of the company. Since joining Kelley Blue Book in 2005, Lapin has earned several Innovation awards, as well as internal accolades for his innovative contributions over the years. For example, Lapin played a major role in the vision and successful development all mobile products, including iPhone, Android and Window Phone platforms. Frequently speaking at industry conferences, Lapin specializes in building large-scale Web applications using emerging technologies.