Is the Cloud “Risky, Unreliable, and Dumb?” Hear Dave Nielsen’s answer to this and other intriguing questions in this Bytes by TechNet Interview.

I interviewed Dave Nielsen during TechEd and the first question I asked him was “Is the cloud really “Risky, Unreliable, and Dumb?” His insights are very valuable.  Spend a few minutes watching this video and then check out one of Dave’s Cloud Camps near you. 

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About Dave

Dave Nielsen, Co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D, is a world-renowned Cloud Computing strategy consultant and speaker. He is also the founder of CloudCamp, a series of more than 200 unconferences, all over the world, where he enjoys engaging in discussions with developers & executives about the benefits, challenges & opportunities of Cloud Computing. Prior to CloudCamp, Dave worked at PayPal where he ran the PayPal Developer Network & Strikeiron where he managed Partner Programs.