The Next Windows (and how you can get them.)

Last week Steve Ballmer announced the availability of Windows 7 beta 1 to the general public.  There seems to be a very large level of public interest in Windows 7, and I would imagine that we will see a significant level of public testing with Beta 1.  I was so excited to get going with Windows 7 that I downloaded it over the weekend and installed it on my Lenovo T61p laptop.  The installation went surprisingly smooth.  There were no issues to speak of.  I immediately noticed the theme of diffused light under water (which I will from now on refer to as the "Finding Nemo" theme because it really reminds me of the great animation style Pixar used in their great feature film.)

               finding Nemo reef                    windows7betta 

Aside from the nice graphics I really like some of the touted updates to the operating system.  I can't wait to try out the new Bit locker To Go functionality. 

Direct access connectivity would be really nice.  And I suppose while we are on the subject of connectivity it is probably worth noting that while the spotlight is focused straightaway center on Windows 7 that simultaneously Microsoft is also releasing access to Beta 1 of Windows Server 2008 R2.  The client and the server are being developed jointly.  So not only are we getting a new client but a new server as well. 

So the question is "How do I get my hands on the Beta bits?" 

There are a few answers an I will review the here. 

1.  You could go to the Windows 7 beta 1 site and download the bits. 

2.  You could subscribe to TechNet Plus Which I still say is the best deal in the Microsoft world.  When you do use the coupon code tmsam03 to get 15% off.

3.  Now this is a nice twist on #2.  If you are from an organization that is a Mid sized business interested in evaluating Microsoft solutions then you can send me an email with your first and last name, your email address and the company you represent and tell me you are interested in participating in the ITPro Momentum Program.  One of the benefits of participating in the program is that you get Free access to the TechNet Plus Direct resources to help you evaluate and deploy Microsoft solutions in your network.


I am so excited about the future of the Windows Platform!  I hope you are too.