Windows 8 : Creating a Virtual Switch in Hyper-V Using a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Adapter Card

I am very excited for Windows 8!  Last Wednesday Steven Sinofsky wrote a post entitled “Bringing Hyper-V to “Windows 8””  It is a must read for the IT Professionals of the world. 

In this post we talk about how we will support virtualization on the Windows "client" OS. Steven Sinofsky

Steven addresses the desire to add Hyper-V functionality to the Windows client operating system and Matthew John actually demonstrates on video the “how to” details of the operations.  Awesome! 

One of the things that I particularly appreciated is the ability to build a virtual switch for network connectivity using a wireless network adapter without the need to build a bridge.  Really Awesome! 

Please take the time to read the post and view the demonstration.