Christian Geuer-Pollmann

Avoiding unhealthy roles when configuring IIS with the ServerManager in the local Azure development fabric

10-second summary In your Azure start-up code, you use the ServerManager class to modify your IIS...

Author: ChGeuer Date: 09/27/2011

How to host and use a DependencyObject in a threaded Console app

Recently, I developed some business objects that I needed to use both in WPF world (with vanilla...

Author: ChGeuer Date: 01/15/2009

X509 certificate tool

I noticed that Jason's...

Author: ChGeuer Date: 12/16/2008

My old Ph.D. thesis online

A colleague asked me about XML Signature, and I just remenbered that my old Ph.D. thesis...

Author: ChGeuer Date: 03/27/2006

WS-Policy and WS-PolicyAttachment are updated

WS-Policy and WS-PolicyAttachment are republished:

Author: ChGeuer Date: 03/10/2006

We're (still) hiring

We (European Microsoft Innovation Center) are still looking for new colleagues, software devs and...

Author: ChGeuer Date: 03/10/2006

Finally I found our interview videos

Videos interviews from EMIC employees (European Microsoft Innovation Center) are here: Mark Gilbert...

Author: ChGeuer Date: 07/08/2005