30 Car Pile-up on the Information Superhighway

As I was unpacking boxes this afternoon, I was thinking about all the things that I needed to do in order to complete my move - everything from phone service, to newspaper, to mail forwarding to school registration for my kids.  I figured "ok, so I need to go to the elementary school website to see where they're located, and get an email off to the registrar to find out what they need for registration, I need to hit the newspaper website and cancel my old subscription, but the bills are OK becuase I get them all electronically, and since I can depost checks online now, via my scanner, I don't have to change banks..." then it dawned on me.  How in the word did I used to do this without access to the internet?  What an unbelievable life altering advancement this has been for all of us!  When I got to this apartment, the internet connection was not working due to a problem with the cable line, so I was "off the grid" for most of yesterday and today.  It was like being in the desert without water!  I couldn't remember how to get directions to some of the local attractions I wanted to visit, I couldn't tell what movies were playing or where the local cinemas were...  How did I ever move before the internet?  Anyway, now that life support has been restored, it's just a matter of digging through the last few boxes hoping that my wireless router is in there somewhere or I'll have to go buy another one... Ah well - at least they delivered all my socks.  As my good friend AD once said, "...you can never have enough socks."