AgileDotNet Conference 2008

I usually start out these posts saying "I don't typically link-blog", but I've said that so many times now, that I think I'll just say "I've found another occasion to link-blog something", this time from my good friend Todd Girvin at Improving Enterprises. I'm helping Improving host a conference specifically targeted at helping .NET developers discover and grow their understanding of Agile Software Development. More information can be found on the Agile.NET Web Site, and here's a clip from Todd's original post about it.

There have been rumors floating around, but now it's finally official.  The AgileDotNet Conference 2008 website has been posted and is ready for registration.  The details are behind the link, but it's hosted at Microsoft in Irving, TX on Nov 14th, 2008 and has breakout sessions for developers, project managers, requirements analysts, and quality assurance engineers.  Space is limited, so register soon!

As we get closer to the event, I'll be posting more information about it, but you should definitely tune into their web site for the absolute latest and greatest information.

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