Announcing Dallas TechFest - May 3rd, 2008

Dallas TechFest Logo Thanks to all the hard work of Tim RayburnJason Ragsdale, Tim Stiles, Erik Weibust, Adam Keys and Jeff Rush (plus I'm sure many others) we can finally announce the upcoming Dallas TechFest!

Mark your calendars today for May 3rd, 2008 at the Addison Conference Center.

The primary focus of this TechFest is to bring together developers from across many different development communities - in our case, the Dallas TechFest will contain tracks that focus on .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby and Python, with an emphasis on architecture and interoperability.  Normally, you'd have to go to 5 or 6 different conferences to get this type of incredible information - but here at Dallas TechFest, you can get them all in one place!!!

In the next few weeks their web site will go live, they'll start the hunt for additional sponsors, and send out a call for speakers and topics.  To keep up with what's going on, you'll want to watch the following web sites:

and of course

Many, many thanks to the guys listed above for running with this! Stay tuned to this station for more information...

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