BarCamp Dallas

BarCamp Dallas was a BLAST!  I didn't get to stay there nearly as long as I'd have liked, but I did manage to have fun talking with several people about Silverlight.  Most of the questions were around "what's the reality behind the hype" and "where can I really make the best use of it".  We talked a lot about companies like MLB and Netflix that are using Silverlight 1.0 today to make a BIG impact via HD video streaming.  Other companies - those looking to do more application development in their favorite .NET languages - are working towards mastering Silverlight 1.1.  Since 1.1 is only available as an Alpha Release today, there is plenty of time to work up those Silverlight chops, and get some examples out in the wild for people to see.  Check out for more information about Silverlight, including installers, how-to walkthroughs and videos, and a great gallery of examples that are live and on the web today.  Also be sure to check out Microsoft Popfly as a great example of putting Silverlight to use as a super easy Mashup editor (if you want an invitation to join the Popfly network, please let me know via comments and I'll shoot you a reg key).

Kudos to Cone, Todd and all the folks that really made this event successful!  Thanks for inviting me, and definitely count me in again next year!!!