Bring on Silverlight 2 Beta 2!


Ok Silverlight fans, Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is now available for download.  It comes with a whole host of updated accessories including new versions of the Silverlight 2 Tools for Visual Studio 2008, a new version of the DeepZoom Composer and an updated version of Expression Blend 2 (June 2008 Preview).

I learned of this today as I was getting my laptop ready for a presentation at the Krakow CodeCamp when I noticed that the Hard Rock Memorabilia site was giving me a weird error message:


OMG, I thought – I’m about to go talk about Silverlight as part of my session at the Krakow CodeCamp and my favorite site to demo isn’t going to work!  When I chose to install the latest version (which I didn’t end up installing, btw – I’m about to speak for goodness sake!) it took me to the web site which had an announcement that the new beta was available.  I have downloaded everything and will install as soon as my talk is done, but not a moment before :)  Luckily, the MSN Car Ad that got me so excited about Deep Zoom originally is still online and I will use that one instead.  Plus, we’ll be making our own Deep Zoom sample in the session, so there will be plenty of Deep Zoom to go around.


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