Clear Channel selects VSTS - a "culture changing tool"...

A new Case Study was released yesterday outlining the recent adoption of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System by (one of my former customers) Clear Channel

Clear Channel Communications, a Fortune 500 media company, owns more than 1,200 radio and TV stations across the United States and 750,000 billboards worldwide. The company’s Enterprise Application Development group lacked a standard development methodology, formal software testing, and requirements authoring standards. In addition, the group missed project deadlines because requirements changed late in development. This situation adversely affected business planning. Seeking a solution, Clear Channel deployed Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System and defined its development model and framework based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework. The result was a complete culture change: formerly opposing factions became a cohesive, productive team. Besides completing high-quality applications on time, the team now shares common terminology, a common understanding of roles, and a common process.

My favorite quote from the Case Study:

“With Visual Studio Team System, we thought we were buying developer tools; what we got was a culture-changing tool.”

– John Szurek, Enterprise Architect, Clear Channel

Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System is a collection of tightly-integrated software development tools that change the way software development teams work together. With Visual Studio Team System, organizations can reduce software development complexity, facilitate collaboration among all team members, accelerate development time, improve predictability and reliability of the development process, and customize and extend Visual Studio Team System with their own internal tools, process frameworks, and supplemental partner products.