Dallas InstallFest - It's a wrap!

The North Dallas .NET User Group and I, along with Intuit and TechniSource sponsored the Dallas Area Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest Party last night at the Intuit Headquarters in Plano.  By all accounts it was a raging success!  I don't have all the final numbers in yet, but here are my preliminary stats:

  • 225 people in attendance
  • 200 copies of Visual Studio 2008 Given Out
  • 100 people installing some version of Visual Studio 2008 at the event and receiving a T-Shirt for it
  • 100 lucky people that hung around at the end to pick up the rest of the T-Shirts
  • 100 Pizzas from Domino's Pizza
  • 75 Laptop stickers given out
  • 12 prizes given out including an Xbox 360, Rock Band, Windows Vista Ultimate, Office 2007 Ultimate and some assorted mice, games, and other software (thanks Cory for donating one of the mice!)
  • 3 Xbox stations running High Definition playing Rock Band, Guitar Hero III and Halo 3
  • 2 guys that were brave enough to sing during some wild Rock Band playing

I had a FANTASTIC time, and I hope you did too.  If you blogged about the event, please leave me a comment so that I can check out your post.  If you're planning to blog about the event, feel free to use the Technorati Tag "InstallFest".

I'd like to make a special THANK YOU to a couple people that made this possible:

  • Scott Dockendorf and Shane Henderson from NDDNUG - these guys ran the event last night and did an OUTSTANDING job of herding coordinating all the people required to put this event on. 
  • Norma Mills at Intuit to providing a FABULOUS facility for us to meet in.  Intuit went out of their way in offering up their offices and a crew of folks to help us set up for the party.  Mitch (sorry Mitch, didn't catch your last name) was particularly helpful in getting us set up with power and A/V equipment for all the Xboxes and the PA system.
  • Jim Galasyn from the WPF Product Team came down to join us for the event, and spent a great deal of time showcasing some of the cool new features in VS08 and specifically around WPF and the Cider designer.  Thanks Jim for coming out and joining us!!!
  • Cory Smith for helping us organize and hand out the prizes, as well as donating one of the prizes himself.
  • Kristee Dicicco, one of my Microsoft cohorts, for helping me get all the prizes purchased in time for the party.

Thanks again to everyone that helped us organize and run the party, as well as everyone that came for helping to make this such a great event!

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