DDNUG Casino Party - Smashing Success!


Last Thursday night was the first ever DDNUG Casino Party, held at the Microsoft offices in Las Colinas.  As expected, the party was a smashing success!  Casino tables, food and fun were everywhere.  Omar - you totally outdid yourself!  A big thanks also goes to Improving Enterprises for sponsoring the catering.  The BBQ was excellent, and I know that nobody went away hungry.

Although I lost my money early because I completely suck at poker, it was fun being the entertainment.  Thanks Tim for capturing it all on tape - now I couldn't deny it if I wanted to:

Tim Rayburn's Blog - Nerd does Rockband

Rock Band is one of those games that brings people together, to cooperate and have fun doing something silly (as this video proves).  We really enjoyed playing it that night, and I hope you enjoy this silly video.  Cheers Tim - the next beer is on me :-)

All in all it was a fantastic party, and I am totally looking forward to the next one!!!

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