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I stumbled upon this today and thought it was really cool stuff!  DeepZoom Pix is a web site that enables people to explore and share photos using DeepZoom technology.  It combines the power of Microsoft Silverlight and DeepZoom for an innovative UX with Windows Azure for a fast, scalable and reliable data store.  The DZP website site says that it was inspired by the Jellyfish Open Source project out on CodePlex which I had the good fortune to see demonstrated at MIX this year. 



I played around with it for a bit tonight, and was impressed at the speed of the image processing.  Considering that all the data is stored in the cloud, it really amazed me how quickly I could search for images based on tags and manipulate them once they were rendered.  The page also has some developer resources including a video showing how DZP came about, and an FAQ for more information about what DZP really is.

Head over to and check it out – let me know what you think, and definitely post any picture galleries that you create right here!  Here’s one I put together with random pix of my family. I hope you enjoy it!

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