GiveCamp Houston Needs Your Help!


My buddy and fellow DE J Sawyer is organizing a GiveCamp event over in Houston and needs your help.  

Putting on a GiveCamp event takes a lot of work – coordinating charities, participants, volunteers, venue, food, prizes can easily become a full-time job (just ask Toi).  As part of J’s preparation, he’s on the prowl for a location in which to hold the event.  If this one turns out to be anything like the We Are Microsoft event we did in Dallas last year (and will be doing again this year!), there will be over 100 people involved including 80+ developers.  From his post, here’s what he’s looking for:


Here's what we need:

  • Access all weekend, from Friday at about 3:00 PM to Sunday about 8:00 PM, with availability of Internet access.
  • Small breakout spaces for teams. We're targeting 10-15 charities. This is actually quite easy and we have a lot of folks that can do this. Each team wouldn't necessarily need more that 1 or 2 connected cubicles. And, judging from our experience in Dallas, not every team would be there all weekend, though some certainly would be.
  • Lunch area/cafe: for food to be brought in and accessible. Again, this is pretty common and easy.
  • Larger meeting area/conference area/etc. that would hold about 70 people. This is the hard part. This would be for the kickoff and the closing, so it's not something that would need to be open and available for the entire weekend. Even if it's a "shared" room in the building, that's certainly a possibility.


If you have a space that you think might work for this event, or know some company (or someone) that might have a space that you think might work, please let me know ASAP by entering a comment to this post or sending me a direct email so I can wire you up to J. 

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