Heroes Happen {Here} - Launch event Giveaways

I've been getting a lot of email recently about the Launch Events, specifically asking me what versions of which software people will be getting for attending.  Although I'm sure the real reason you're going is to learn more about these exciting new products, here's the list of software bits I was handed last week:

  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise RTM Bits (64 + 32bit) + a product key (as if it was NFR FPP) "for internal testing & evaluation only"  (That means you can use the software for development and testing, but you can't deploy it to production).
  • Visual Studio 2008 Standard RTM Bits – this is NFR FPP.
  • SQL Server 2008 CTP 5.0 with standard eval EULA plus a voucher for redeeming final bits when available

NFR means "Not for Resale"

FPP means "Full Product Package" - like something you'd buy in the store, that's a complete, full version of the software (not a trial).

This software is still so new, that there are no product packages available yet, so that's why VS and WS are listed as RTM bits.  You're getting a CTP for SQL Server because it hasn't yet RTM'd, but once it does you'll be able to turn in your voucher to get the final bits when available.

Of course, all of this could change - this is the latest word I've been given and I wanted to make sure to share it with all of you.

UPDATE 2008-02-19: This list here applies only to the Premier (Dallas and Houston) and Standard (Tulsa, San Antonio and Baton Rouge) launch events. For those of you doing Community Launch Events, you'll get 5 copies of the "standard" version of each of these products to give away at your events.

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