It's Launch Time!


Lots of Launch happenings in South Central District.  We've already held one of our events - the San Antonio Launch - last week, and are gearing up for three more:

I'm planning on attending all the remaining events and participating in various ways.  In Dallas, I'll be part of the opening Keynote address, and delivering one of the breakout sessions,  In Tulsa I'll just be doing one of the breakout sessions, and in Houston, I'll be hanging out at the Ask the Experts booth as well as anything else I can do to help the team put on a great event!

The Keynote is a "story" that encompasses a couple of different sections delivered by different presenters - Secure & Trusted Platform, Virtualization, Next Generation Web and Business Intelligence.  My section of the keynote, Next Generation Web, focuses on the developer experience with Visual Studio 2008.  The keynote covers mostly Visual Studio 2008 features including split screen web development, design surface synchronization, the CSS property grid, LINQ and JavaScript intellisense / debugging.  It also dives into Expression Blend 2 to showcase our Designer-Developer Workflow features enabled by XAML and a little bit of Silverlight thrown in for good measure.

The Breakout session is a little more involved.  The one I'm presenting is called "Defy Occasionally Connected Challenges With Smart Client Applications That Shine" (nice title, right?  It's not mine...)  This session covers some of the advances in smart-client technology, focusing specifically on User Experience, Collaboration and Productivity.  Technologies featured in this session include Visual Studio 2008, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Expression Blend, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the new Microsoft Sync Framework.  I believe that this one is 45 minutes long.  There are 3 other sessions in the developer track, so the presentations are not as long as what their User Group equivalents would be or everyone would be there all night!

I hope you will come out and join us for one of the launch events.  If you do, definitely come by and introduce yourself to me.  Also please make sure to let us know how we can make these events better - these events are for you and your feedback is incredibly important to us.

See you there!

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