Launch Presentation - Occasionally Connected Clients

imageI've been selected to present at the upcoming Heroes Happen {Here} Launch Events in Dallas and Tulsa on Smart Client technology.  The session is called "Defy Occasionally-connected Challenges With Smart Client Applications" and covers a breadth of client technologies including Visual Studio 2008, WPF and Expression Blend, features of and integration between WCF and WF, the Microsoft Sync Framework, and even spends some time on the new features of Managed C++ as well as information on migrating your existing MFC apps to Managed C++. 

The sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes each with about 15 minutes of demo.  I'm hoping to pair some of this down a little to spend some more time in the demos and less time in the slides, but there is so much information to convey that might be challenging.

This is my first time presenting through one of these very "formal" launch channels.  I attended the Vista launch at the end of 2006 but have never presented at one.  I'm pleased at the amount of information that we're provided to help us make these presentations really solid.  There is (of course) a nice slide deck with all the fancy graphics and custom animations, individual demo scripts for each of the demos (I think there are 4 in my session), a VPC to use as the demo platform, instructions on setting up our own demo platform, and a video of someone from the Launch team walking through the presentation and demos as a "sample" of how to interpret the slides and what specifically to focus on. 

Because of the tight schedule for presenting on Launch Day, there won't be any time for questions during the talk, but I will join some of our local MVPs at an "Ask the Experts" booth to hopefully answer any questions you have about the technologies covered in the presentation.

See you at the Launch!

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