Live Search Maps

Have you seen the new Live Search Maps?  Launched today, the new interface is a LOT simpler to use, and a lot faster (it seems) to load and find results.  The Windows Live Search team has really been busy getting and incorporating all the feedback they've received into a much more solid and reliable product.

I really like the simplified interface too - I can more easily search for people, places and addresses using a single entry field instead of two, and the system is smarter about interpreting what I meant instead of what I typed.  I also like being able to save off individual addresses to easily recall later.  That makes commonly used addresses a log simpler to use - just select them from the list instead of typing them over and over.  Nice feature!

There are a LOT of new, cool features in the new Windows Live Search maps including Party Maps (also called 1-click maps), Route Around Traffic (helps you plan routes based on traffic patterns and conditions), Data Import (from various GeoRSS, GPX and KML formats) and new support for an updated Virtual Earth. 

Go check it out!!!

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