Microsoft Central Region - Who (and where) are you?

As an Evangelist, I'm constantly meeting new people.  There are a couple of questions I get asked by folks I've never met - especially those within the developer community in South Central District.  Here they are, in order of frequency:

  1. Do you know Brian Moore?
  2. Can you give me some free software? (this one and the previous one take turns at #1)
  3. What area do you cover?
  4. Who is the DE that covers XYZ territory/state/city/biker bar.

#3 is more complicated than a 1-line answer.  Although I technically have a defined geography for which my contributions are evaluated each year, our team is really made up of people from a relatively vast geography in the central US, and (in my opinion) includes many people who don't work for Microsoft; if you're active in the developer community in Central Region, you're on my team.

#4 was something I'd been meaning to get a handle on for some time.  I still have this wild idea to put together a cool Silverlight application that displays a map of the US with cool rollover effects that highlight regions & districts and shows people and roles (one day, one day).

I did find, however, a nice graphic today of Central Region, and the breakdown of the districts there.  So- here's the graphic, and a list of the people from my team that cover it:


South Central North Central
Heartland Midwest

Here's the list - hope you enjoy it!  The links above will get you to our blogs, so you can keep up with everything that's going on in those geographies.

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