More Upcoming Events – ArcReady and MSDN Unleashed!

MSDN EventsIn addition to the list I posted the other day, I also want to call out a couple of new and improved event series that we’ll be hosting over the next year.  We’re combining ArcReady and MSDN Events into a one day technical extravaganza, with ArcReady content in the morning, and MSDN content in the afternoon.  Here’s the current schedule for the first in this series (click the link to learn more and register today):

Microsoft ArcReady: Architecting Modern Distributed Applications

MSDN Events Unleashed: Demystifying WPF & Developing Applications with Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 – Double Session!

Keep in mind that these two events are on the same day, just at different times.  If you’d like to attend either, or both, you need to sign up separately – there isn’t one link to let you sign up for both at the same time, but I’ll ask and see if we can work something out for the future.

Come out and join us for some great topics, great content, and an opportunity to meet some of the leaders in your local developer communities!  It is our plan to invite the User Group leaders in each of these cities to be onsite during the event to talk about their group and provide information about local community activities – especially when and where their groups meet. 

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