MSDN Developer Conference – Bringing PDC Home!


Coming soon to a classy venue near you is the Microsoft MSDN Developer Conference.  Modeled after the extremely popular MSDN events and stuffed full of the hottest PDC content.  Come to the MSDN Developer conference and attend these great sessions:

Cloud Services

Client and Presentation

Tools, Languages and Framework

Lap Around Cloud Services

Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) Roadmap

The Future of Managed Languages: F#, C# and Visual Basic

Developing and Deploying Your First Cloud Services

Developing Data-centric Applications Using the WPF DataGrid and Ribbon Controls

Lap Around "Oslo"

Lap Around the Live Framework and Mesh Services

Building Business Focused Applications Using Silverlight 2

"Rosario": A Sprint with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

Developing Applications Using Data Services

ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap

Parallel Programming for Managed Code Developers

The Cost? Just $99.

Head over to and register for the session closest to you:

12/9/08 Houston 1/13/09 Minneapolis 1/22/09 Boston
12/11/08 Orlando 1/16/09 Washington, DC 1/26/09 Dallas
12/16/08 Atlanta 1/20/09 New York 2/19/09 San Francisco
1/13/09 Chicago 1/22/09 Detroit    

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