Pablo’s Day of TDD


The nice folks down in San Antonio and Austin have asked me to make sure and mention their upcoming mega-fantastic event – Pablo’s Day of TDD, a.k.a. PDoTDD. 

PDoTDD is a day-and-a-half event of workshops, discussion, practice, and training around automated unit testing, specifically the practice of Test-Driven Development (TDD).  Experienced practitioners of TDD will be conducting workshops, labs, and discussions around the practice of TDD in the hopes that its practice will bring value to the developer community in general.  If you’re interested at all in learning more about Unit Testing and TDD, or if you feel that you have some knowledge that you’d like to share with others, please get yourself to this event.

You can read more about PDoTDD on Chad Meyer's Blog, and register for the event at Wufoo.

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