PHP on Vista 64-bit

I wanted to try out the FastCGI stuff for myself, and learn a little PHP along the way, so I downloaded and installed the FastCGI module from IIS.NET, and the latest version of PHP.  Of couse, because I'm running 64-bit Vista, there were some things I needed to manually tweak.  Hats off tojccondor for capturing all that informationn, which I've conveniently copied into this post:


Summary for fastCGI under VISTA 64bit

  • download php ( ) zip version
  • download latest FastCGI IIS 7 file
  • unzip php zip file to c:\php
  • copy php.ini-recommended to php.ini (I prefer to leave it in php folder but you can also copy it to c:\windows folder)
    • If you leave it in php folder then
      • I think ther's an other way with 5.2.0
  • unzip fastCGI in my case to c:\php\fastcgi7
  • open command promt as administrator (right click icon)
    • go to c:\php\fastcgi7
    • execute fcgisetup.exe /install
    • copy c:\php\fastcgi7\iisfcgi.dll to c:\windows\system32\inetsrv
    • copy c:\php\fastcgi7\iisfcgi_schema to c:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\schema
  • Modify default application pool to run 32bit apps [CK - I created a new application pool to allow 32-bit apps, but both would work]
  • Modify applicationHost (c:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config) so that all iisfcgi modules have a preCondition="bitness32" attribute.


Let me know your thoughts on FastCGI - I'd be really interested to hear how many of you are running either PHP-only, or mixed-PHP+ASP.NET Web Applications today on Windows, and are really excited about the performance improvements in FastCGI...