Pimp My SharePoint

There continues to be a lot of buzz in the communities and within our customers around Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  There are a ton of very powerful, extensible features in the latest version that make for a compelling story around enterprise search, document management, enterprise content management, web content management, and more - but many of the people I talk to say that most SharePoint sites look *dull*.  I remind those folks that SharePoint is still an ASP.NET web application that's highly customizable from a content, theme and style perspective. 

This site is a great example of that.  For most people, they'd never guess that this media-rich, colorful site is actually our old pal SharePoint.  The giveaway (I was told) is the presence of "/Pages/" in the URL :-)

Anyway - I think this is a really cool looking site, and certainly shows the powerful customization capabilities of MOSS 07.  Do you know of a really pimped-out MOSS site?  If so, add a comment to this posting with a URL link to the site so we can all see it!

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