- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Infrastructure and Scalability

For those of you in Houston, Scalability Experts is offering a 5-day course on SQL Server 2005 Infrastructure and Scalability.   

Link to - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Infrastructure and Scalability

From the course description:

This class is designed to teach DBAs to be ready to adopt, absorb and migrate from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. Over the 5-day course, students will be given in-depth knowledge of SQL Server 2005 and its ability to provide high-end manageability, reliability, extensibility, scalability, and availability. This class will prepare DBAs to take advantage of new functionality as well as make them aware of any issues that could impact their short term and long term database infrastructure and scalability strategies.

And here's a course outline:

Module 1: Installation and Upgrade       
Module 2: Tools and Proactive Management 
Module 3: Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Architecture
Module 4: Security Enhancements
Module 5: Scalability and High Performance   
Module 6 Performance Tuning   
Module 7: Clustering 
Module 8: Database Mirroring      
Module 9: Database Snapshot      
Module 10: Database Maintenance, Backup and Restore  
Module 11: Online Index Operations
Module 12: Advanced TSQL & New Data Types
Module 13: Extending the Server with SQLCLR    
Module 14: ADO.NET Overview for DBA's     
Module 15: Distributed Application Services