Shreveport .NET User Group

I had a great time last night speaking at the inaugural Shreveport .NET User Group meeting!  The first meeting was held in the science lecture auditorium (Mickle Hall 114) at Centenary College in Shreveport.  There were about 26 people in attendance – that’s really amazing for a first meeting!  I was honored to be the first speaker for their group – my topic was Developing Applications in Silverlight 2, where I gave an overview of what Silverlight is, followed by a lot of code showing the basics of building real-world applications with Silverlight.  I’ve posted my slides and a demo project out on my SkyDrive for those that want to grab a copy:


Thanks a lot to Brian and his leadership team from the Shreveport .NET User Group for making me feel very welcome, and for pulling their community together and getting this group rolling!  I know that this is just the start of something that will continue to grow into a large and successful .NET community!

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