Silverlight for Linux!

I was traveling all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and haven't had a chance to blog about this announcement yet, but here it is:

Microsoft Delivers Silverlight 1.0, Extends Support to Linux: “Entertainment Tonight” HSN and World Wrestling Entertainment showcase new online experiences; more than 35 partners commit to Silverlight Partner Initiative.

The single more frequently asked question in all my Silverlight talks has been "When will Microsoft release a Linux version of the Silverlight plugin"?  This is the answer to that question.  Still part of the MONO project, Microsoft will be working in partnership with Novell to make sure that the Linux plugin is rock solid.

Here's a great quote from the article:

Microsoft is committed to ensuring that organizations have the best tools and resources to begin building Silverlight-based solutions with the broadest possible reach. The decision to work with Novell to offer Silverlight support for the Linux platform is in direct response to customer feedback, and both companies are optimistic about the impact this extended partnership will have in the industry.

“Silverlight is a popular new way to build and deliver cross-browser, cross-platform experiences on the Web,” said Miguel de Icaza, vice president of Developer Platforms and leader of the Mono project at Novell. “Novell is excited to work with Microsoft to extend Silverlight beyond Windows® and Macintosh to Linux with Moonlight, so Linux users everywhere can enhance their rich media and interactive experiences on the Web.”

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback on this topic - it's good to know that we can make a difference if we continue to push the issues that are important to us all...

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