Silverlight on Skyfire


For those that don’t know about it, there is a really cool Internet browser for Windows Mobile 6 called Skyfire.   Skyfire shows a web site on a WM device just as it looks on a normal PC browser.  The user can then pan and zoom and interact with the web page without having to deal with any special mobile-ization morphing or morphing of the page. 


The main reason for this post is that Skyfire has now been updated to support Silverlight content!  Here’s the message from the Skyfire blog post ( Olympics (Silverlight) on Skyfire )

On the eve of the Olympics, we added Silverlight support to Skyfire, meaning that Skyfire users can watch any of the 2200+ hours of Olympics coverage provided by NBC on their mobile phones. To celebrate Michael Phelps’s monumental accomplishment of winning 8 Gold metals in a single Olympic games, today we have released a special code “Michael8” which will give new users access to Skyfire and the games (and the full PC web). Spread the code “Michael8” to your friends and let them part take in these historic games on the go.

Skyfire isn’t perfect – my biggest complaint is that it still requires a proxy that you “sign into” before browsing, but the speed of browsing and navigating seems to be really good.  If I were you, I’d definitely head over to and use the code “Michael8” to get your own beta key and start using this cool application!

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