Social Networking here I come!

I'm trying to dive into the Social Networking thing in support of my role at Microsoft.  Being the "Community DE" means connecting with and staying connected to the developer community as much as possible.  Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to do this - especially online.  Since I can't be everywhere I want to be all the time, I can still connect with people via email, blogs, forums, and the über popular Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, LinkedIn, and many others.  the problem is, there are so many of these sites, that it's hard to stay actively involved in all of them.  I think I'll be settling on Twitter and Facebook for now, as they have decent mobile interfaces as well as som community-authored tool support.  If you don't have my contact information there, check my main Blog Site as I've got links to all my online community sites listed in the sidebar.

In addition to cleaning up my online profiles, I want to devote more time during the day to my blog.  Hopefully I'll be able to put out at least one really valuable posting a week, as well as other still-valuable trackback posts that pass along information that others have provided.  I still have to figure out how to budget my time so that my posts aren't junk, and that the blog site looks halfway decent, and especially that the posts are relevant. 

For now, expect some short, to medium-sized content about once a week, with a bunch of "quick-hits" or links to other postings just to round out the week.  If I can post one cool thing every day, I'll be very pleased with myself. 

After I get things cleaned up, I need to follow all the advice I was given about promoting the blog.  One way that seems to make a lot of sense is referring to other people's blogs through trackbacks.  If you've got a blog that deals with Software Development, especially on the Microsoft .NET Platform, post a link to your site in the comments of this post, and I'll add it to a Community Blogroll list on my main site, and also start following your posts in my own Newsgator account (I started using Newsgator because they provided the "triple threat" software package - online, offline and mobile).

Anyway, thanks for all the community support around getting my online stuff going.  If you see stuff I'm doing that you like, let me know!  If you see stuff I'm doing that you don't like, or don't see me doing stuff that I should be doing, let me know that too.  If you've got something going on in TOLA (or anywhere else for that matter) that you want me to check out - send it on over!  My email address is chris dot koenig at microsoft dot com, or you can post comments here as I get them in email too.