Sure you're a gamer, but have you got game?

Most every developer I know is a gamer - at least on some level.  Some are totally into shooters like Halo or BioShock,  or realtime strategy and MMORPGs like Halo Wars, WoW or Age of Empires, or those of you like me are interested in Role Playing games like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.  But - have you considered what it would be like to write your own game?

Using the Microsoft XNA Developer Tools, freely available from, you too can create the games of your dreams on the XBOX 360.  All you need to get started is

With these tools, you have everything you need to write video games that can be deployed on your XBOX.  To actually deploy them to your XBOX, however, you'll need a membership in the XNA Creators Club, which runs $50 for a 6 month membership or $100 for a yearly membership.  Visit the XNA Developer's Center for more information on that...

On top of that, if you're interested in developing games to go on XBOX Live Arcade, you can submit your game ideas to that team and start working with them to get your game out for everyone to enjoy!

For those of you in Texas, I'm in the process now of working out the details on a XNA DevCamp hosted either in Austin, Houston or Dallas.  If you're interested in participating in the planning/organizing of the event, please let me know. 

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