Time for a Code Trip!

Starting at Mix 08, my friend Tim Heuer and the gang in West Region DPE are sponsoring The Code Trip - a two month tour of West Region where they'll be showcasing some of our latest and greatest technologies in your area at local community events.  It's going to be spectacular, with a lot of really great people involved, so get out there and visit them!

Here's the current schedule:

3/6 Las Vegas NV   3/27 Fullerton CA
3/7 Salt Lake City UT   3/28 Pomona CA
3/8-10 Boise ID   3/29 Camarillo CA
3/11 Spokane WA   3/31 San Luis Obispo CA
3/12 Missoula MT   4/1 Santa Cruz CA
3/13 Bozeman MT   4/2 Mountain View CA
3/14 Billings MT   4/3 San Francisco CA
3/17 Cheyenne WY   4/4 Sacramento CA
3/18 Boulder CO   4/5 Chico CA
3/19-20 Denver CO   4/7 Medford OR
3/21 Albuquerque NM   4/8 Corvallis OR
3/22 Phoenix AZ   4/9-12 Portland OR
3/25 San Diego CA   4/14 Olympia WA
3/26 Irvine CA   4/15 Seattle WA

Please check out The Code Trip website for more information about the event.

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