UI Patterns at DFWUPA

Design Patterns I attended a great meeting of the DFW Usability Professionals User Group meeting this month at the Central Market in Dallas.  The small room was filled to the brim to see Brian Sullivan talk about Design Patterns.  I was very curious about this talk because although I’m familiar with Software Design Patterns (from numerous sources over the years) but I’d never thought much about patterns of UI design or UX.  After Brian’s talk, I’ve starting to look at everything I do from work, to family, to hobbies in terms of patterns.

Brian recommended a bunch of information sources for learning more about UX & UI Design Patterns – here’s the quick list I’ve cobbled together from his talk:

I’ll also be adding these links, and as many more as I come across, to my del.icio.us feed under the tags “UI” as well as “Patterns”.

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