Upcoming Events

Here is a listing of some important upcoming events in Central Region:

April DevCares: Internet Information Services 7.0 – Web Server Platform

The future of Microsoft’s Web Server Platform is exciting for developers! The release of Internet Information Services 7.0 in Windows Vista and Server will dramatically improve the development, deployment and management of web sites and applications. This demo packed session will highlight an all new, distributed configuration system and administration tool, a new modularized core web server with powerful new extensibility support.

  • Session 1:  What’s new in IIS7
  • Session 2:  Extending IIS7

Austin, TX – 4/27
Dallas, TX – 4/27

DevCares focuses on cutting-edge technologies that provide the fastest means for YOUR CUSTOMERS to build and deploy state-of-the-art applications.  There is no better way for your customers to JUMP on technology then to attend a DevCares event in their city!  Check out http://www.devcares.com for session descriptions and NEW cities that have been added.

Register and attend for your chance to WIN an XBOX 360!

ArcReady: Architecting the Next Generation of Software

Microsoft’s journey towards creating new technology strategies, platforms, tools and practices is to drive the next generation of software for consumers and the enterprise. It’s not without irony that one of the most neglected and challenging components of the software design process is understanding how to identify, design and implement the ‘experience’ that an individual will have with an interface. Learn how Microsoft is elevating ‘user experience’ to a first-class citizen in the software design and development process. Understand why ‘user experience’ may be one of the most important parts of an Architect’s job in creating new software that will matter.

Our next ArcReady program is called “Architecting for the User Experience.” Our guest speaker will be Chris Bernard, UX Evangelist for Microsoft. Together with the Central Region Architect Evangelists, we’ll discuss the role of the ‘user experience’ in architectural design and provide hands-on, practical guidance for getting better results in your own projects. We’ll discuss WPF, WPF/e, XAML and the new Expressions suite of products that allow designers, architects and developers to build great ‘user experiences’ using the same base technologies. More importantly, we will discuss how architects can work with software design professionals in new and innovative ways to create the next generation of ‘experiences’ and products that will be demanded by consumers and the enterprise.

  • Session 1: "Why the User Experience Matters in Architecture"
  • Session 2: "Architecting for the User Experience"

Who Should Attend?

Senior developers who are responsible for architecting the solutions they develop or who are interested in becoming an architect in their organization.

Where Are These Events?

Houston, TX – 5/7
Dallas, TX – 5/8
Austin, TX – 5/15

Register Today at http://www.arcready.com.

Speaker Bio
Chris Bernard is a User Experience Evangelist with over 15 years of experience as a professional designer and strategist in a variety of roles that have helped clients align measurable objectives to the value that design brings to the intersection of business and technology. Chris has published articles in I.D. Magazine and serves as an adjunct lecturer at the Institute of Design as an expert on design teaming and collaboration. Before joining Microsoft Chris served as a creative principal in an innovation lab for a global technology and consulting services firm.


MSDN Microsoft Across America

Join us for a free, half-day presentation where we’ll explore identity management, interactivity and support for cross-browser and cross-platform applications. We’ll explore how Windows CardSpace uses a standards-based, interoperable framework to simplify digital identity management and fight both phishing and identity theft. We’ll also roll up our sleeves and dig into the best practices of ASP.NET AJAX (formerly code-named “Atlas”) and discuss the client-side script libraries and server components that provide a robust development framework for developers of all stripes. Blink and you’ll miss these lively sessions hosted by your local MSDN Events team.

  • Session 1: Next Generation Identity Management: Windows CardSpace
  • Session 2: Revving up Cross-Browser and Cross-Server Web Sites with the Microsoft AJAX Library
  • Session 3: Best Practices for Building Next Generation Web Applications Using Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX

Visit http://www.msdnevents.com to find a city near you! Register Now to attend the Spring event and you’ll receive a copy of the MSDN Events Technical Resource DVD which includes:

  • Session code and presentation slides
  • Microsoft® Expression® Web Free Trial
  • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
  • ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0
  • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
  • AJAX Futures January CTP
  • AJAX Sample Applications
  • AJAX "How Do I...?" videos

OnRamp 240 – Exploring New Web Technologies

This half-day instructor-led seminar provides attendees with a tour of the latest Web development technologies from Microsoft®. Attendees will see firsthand how technologies such as WPF/e, ASP.NET AJAX, and ASP.NET 2.0 can be used to create rich, exciting applications that are both cross-platform and cross-browser. Demonstrations of Microsoft Expression® and Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 will highlight how designers and developers can collaborate to produce Web sites that provide a great user experience.

About the Training

In this course, attendees will become familiar with the following tools and technologies:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere and XAML
  • ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET AJAX
  • Expression Web
  • Expression Blend
  • Visual Studio 2005

Target Audience

This event is intended for developers, designers, and technical decision-makers who want to understand where the Web is headed in the next several years. Programming skills are not required, but a basic understanding of Web development (on any platform) will be useful.

Upcoming Session Dates:

Dallas, TX - 5/15
Houston, TX - 5/17
Austin, TX - 5/1

To register or learn more about the latest events for the OnRamp 240 seminars, go to http://msreadiness.com/IL_abstract.asp?eid=5015086