Australia Partner Conference Countdown Gadget


Attending ReMix last month inspired me to create this basic Vista sidebar gadget based on Michael's countdown gadget.  At time of writing it's 51 days, 21 hours and 16 minutes to Hamilton Island!

To download it, either click here or follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. visit
  2. type "APC" in the search gallery box (the orange "Australia Partner Conference" gadget will appear)
  3. click on download and install
  4. click either open or save
  5. click install again and it'll appear in your Vista sidebar

Nick wants a RSS gadget to aggregate all of our partner blogs and twitter ... which of course needs to include a fly-out, the size to change when you undock it  etc. etc.  May need to go on a course or pop down to our developer team for some help :)

If you have any other ideas or want to create something for us, let me know ;-).

To create your own gadget, take a look at some of these resources:

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