Australia Partner Conference in Summary

The 2008 Australia Partner Conference has come and gone and I've explored another part of the country, this time Port Douglas!

Congratulations to all of the award winners, especially Dataract and Hyro for the ISV Software Solutions and Innovation Partner of the year respectively.

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ISV / Software Solutions Partner of the Year ISV / Software Solutions Innovation Partner of the Year
Winner: Dataract Pty Ltd Winner: Hyro
Finalist: Task Retail Technologies Finalist: Gravity Ventures Pty Ltd
Finalist: Nintex Finalist: iCare Solutions

My ISV pre day

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I received some good feedback from my ISV pre day, although would have liked a few more people.  Huge thanks to Joseph Najem, who is a Private Equity, Corporate Advisory and Finance guru and presented a number of workshops around setting up internationally; overcoming the challenges for growth and best practice.  Joe met a number of partners during the conference including our MD... which you should ask him about as it's a good story.

Next year, I'd like to incorporate the pre day content into the conference itself, perhaps as a stream.  This will also help to prevent any competition between the other pre days, like Business Intelligence.

  • slides 3, 87: Introduction to Joseph Najem
  • slide 10: Software plus Services
  • slide 15: Research
  • slide 35: SQL Server 2008
  • slide 59: ISV Royalty Licensing
  • slide 73: SPLA
  • slide 78: Partnering with Microsoft
  • slide 89: Application Platform Optimisation

Software plus Services sessions

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Lots of talk about Software plus Services during the conference.  Lots of new Go Do's.

  1. Watch the video and download customer ready slides here
  2. Read the white paper here
  3. Join Quickstart for Microsoft Online Services
  4. Sign SPLA and/or ISV Royalty Agreements
  5. Create a profile in Solution Profiler
  6. Use the software + services Partner Evolution Interactive Guide
  7. Explore P2P Opportunities
  8. Assess your business model for Software + Services opportunities
  9. Partner with a hoster

Hat tip to Simon Guest and PhilMe for their help and contribution.

NextWeb session with Michael Kordahi

The Delicate Genius himself presented 150 slides in 40 minutes, Michael Kordahi who also presented in the keynote.  Many of you asked where you can get hold of the MSCUI Patient Journey Demonstrator... more details on his blog.

The presentations are now available from