Calling all Green & Indigenous Solution Providers

Nick and I are on the look out for Aussie Partners creating Green and/or Indigenous solutions to create a bit of a list. 

Keep an eye on Nick's blog for the latest list, but expect to see this at our Australia Partner Conference.  To add your company, please either like a comment on Nick's blog here or by emailing me.

The list as of 7/3/08 is:

  1. Ecodriver. 3 solutions, built in Australia. Helping organisations, commercial and schools, reduce their environmental footprint.
  2. Prima Consulting "Sustainability SCO2recard": a solution based on Microsoft BI platform to help organisations with reporting on their environmental footprint.
  3. SDM's 'clever emissions calculator'. A public facing web-based emissions calculator, based on ASP.NET. Go here to see it in action: Climate Clever Emissions Calculator
  4. Envision IT. Has several Microsoft-based solutions in this space, including Car Pooling and Car Parking Software and others.

Please get in touch...


PS - if you are interested in attending the Listen Up event, which is a forum to address the issues faced by Corporations who are /or have the desire to work with indigenous organisations.

When? 11 April 2008, 9.30am - 2pm

Where? The Australian Museum, College Street, Sydney

Facilitated by Jeff McMullen, Listen Up is a forum to address the issues faced by Corporations who are /or have the desire to work with indigenous organisations.  In brief, this “Town Hall” style forum will bring together interested leaders of business and Indigenous communities, to openly discuss aspects and issues related to the formation and operation of business / Indigenous collaborations, and form a clear understanding of the most effective way to develop those collaborations.

To Register:
Please feel free to give Paul Clark (details below) a call if you have any further questions or call Sonal Kering on 9265 7600 to RSVP.


  • To encourage honest discussion between business and Indigenous groups on how best to engage with, and support aspirations of, Indigenous communities;
  • Particular focus on youth: how to engage, and encourage the development of, this enormous talent pool;
  • To exchange information and learnings;
  • To break down barriers of understanding;
  • To identify specific action points.

Ultimate goal: to come to an understanding of, and commitment to, Indigenous youth: how best to build confidence and a passion to pursue educational / employment / social engagement goals and leadership.

To RSVP or for further information, contact Sonal Kering, Listen Up Event Manager on (02) 9265 7600.

More detail here