Hammer Time

Today at 1.30pm (Sydney time) is HAMMER TIME. We will be holding our first LIVE Smooth Streaming event in Australia with MTV interviewing MC Hammer (who also appeared on Rove last Sunday).

Hammer is Down Under promoting the new Xbox game Lips featuring MC Hammer’s 1990 hit “You Can’t Touch This” as one of the tracks).

We have teamed up with MTV, the Xbox team, Akamai, Inlet Technologies, Viocorp, and Readify to take the feed direct from the MTV studio out to the web using Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 Media Services. The feed will also feature an overlay of what is happening on Twitter as Hammer is being interviewed, Hammer will be taking questions live from the Twitter stream. The overlays also include a tag cloud most popular words from the feed to get the mood of the event as well as a list of the top Tweeters.

To watch, please go to www.mtv.com.au/mchammer

Other times include:

  • US Seattle = 6.30pm Monday
  • US NY = 9.30pm Monday
  • UK = 2.30am (sorry) Tuesday
  • Singapore = 10.30am Tuesday


Congratulations to the team for a great smooth stream and with twitter overlays (stream to the right + a ticker along the top).