Help Required with my APC ISV Sessions


The Australia Partner Conference (APC) agenda has now been published and may be downloaded here.  Please register for our two ISV sessions :)

We're going to cover why we think Software + Services is a good opportunity for our partners to make money, how to really partner with Microsoft and some of our new web opportunities.

I'm writing my presentation now, so if you have anything specific you would like to hear in our 2 hours, or have any feedback on what works vs. what doesn't, please get in touch.  I promise our slot won't be death by powerpoint and we'll try and make it as interesting as possible...

...and I'm planning to have a little surprise to a couple of random people in the audience to say thank you for showing up.

So if there was one thing you want to hear about, what would it be?

I am really looking forward to meeting you all. 

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