How to become a new Microsoft Partner

If you are interested in becoming a new Microsoft Partner, this posting may help.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (or ISV, see below for definition) and would like to launch a new product based on Microsoft technology, the Empower program is for you. We have re-vamped the previous enrolment process and incorporated the tool into the Microsoft Partner Program site. We also updated the Empower FAQ and the Empower Initiative Guide

For more information, please visit the Empower site for general information or to the new enrolment page to get started.

I'm not an ISV, so how do I become a Microsoft Partner?

Visit the Partner Portal and download the Partner Program guide which covers all aspects of the Microsoft Partner Program, including 

  • the basic structure of the program
  • which types of partners should join,
  • requirements and benefits
  • enrolment and re-enrolment policies and processes
  • and the Microsoft Competency framework.

What is an ISV?

  • ISVs are organisations that exclusively develop software or software solutions instead of being part of a computer system or being a hardware manufacturer
  • At least 30 percent of the company’s overall revenue comes from the sales of licenses of that solution
  • ISVs integrate Microsoft licensed products with their application in any of the following ways:
    • By integrating a Microsoft licensed product into the ISV’s application code
    • By including a Microsoft licensed product along with the ISV’s application on the installation media; or
    • By pre-installing a Microsoft licensed product on a computer system that is part of the unified solution

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