I've arrived in Sydney...

Sydney Opera House

I've finally made it to Sydney and have almost finished my first week at Microsoft Australia.  I've been talking to people from around the business collecting ideas; meeting Partners hearing what needs to be done first hand and learning one or two new abbreviations...

I've also figured out pretty quickly that:

  1. It's called prawns... not shrimp
  2. Australia is shortened to Aus and not Oz
  3. "Arvo" is short for afternoon
  4. Football here has a different shaped ball (especially after last night's State of Origin match)
  5. You can't buy alcohol in supermarkets...

My role as an ISV Channel Audience Manager (working in Nick Mayhew's organisation) will include 3 broad areas: 1) managing the ISV community; 2) managing ISV programmes and 3) partnering for the future (which to me means looking for Partners developing solutions on our new platforms).  Much more about this later.

I'm going to use this blog to post stuff I think is useful to Partners to cool gadgets I want to random thoughts.

If you are attending the Partner Roadshow Plus event in Homebush, Sydney, please say hi.


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