My Canberra.NET Presentation

I presented and met partners at the Canberra.Net Cluster event today.  Ellen did a sterling job of time keeping and organising the event and scheduling some follow up meetings for me.  Thanks Ellen!

As usual, my slides are below.

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Neil Haddley from Dark Blue Duck;  Peter Ward from Wardy IT; Sean Jones from Unique World; Bruce Shadbolt from Treonic and Jessica Enders from Formulate also shared their experiences in being a Partner, demonstrated their product or outlined how their company was created.

Michael Gration, the ACT State Director also presented on how to engage Microsoft locally, from a partner perspective.  His advice was to be proactive, organised and have a clear plan on what you want and what it will achieve.  In particular:

  1. Know who's who locally
  2. Leverage the Partner Program to the utmost
  3. Don't rely on Microsoft for leads. Partners are our sales engine and partners understand business problems and we try and create demand
  4. Articulate the value a joint engagement would bring
  5. Relationships are key
  6. Attend the Australia Partner Conference

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