NSW Cluster Meeting


I attended my first NSW DOT NET Cluster event yesterday.  It was a really good evening, with an interesting panel debate on how to raise capital to fund development.    Richard White from Cargowise (sitting on the far right) and two Venture Capitalists (on the left), had some good tips, including a link to the Business Angels Survey.  Although the report was published in November 2006, it's a good read and highlights what investors look for with an Angel Interview Guide on page 54.

Occum Enterprises was commissioned by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources to undertake a survey on business angel investors and business angel networks in Australia.  The survey was constructed around determining the characteristics of business angel investors, the nature of their investments, how deals are sourced, assessed and finalised and possible barriers to expanding business angel investments. 

The report lists 36 findings relating to the collective perceptions of individual business angels and a summary of the operations of business angel networks. The report can be downloaded here.

Membership is free by clicking on the links below.  The next NSW event is due at the Web Directions event on Tuesday 25 September.

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