Office Business Applications Marketplace

One of our technology pushes with ISVs is to develop Office Business Applications (OBA).  What started with SAP / Duet is now resonating broadly across our ISV community.  The site is a great place for additional information and receives plenty of visits every month with 187 OBA solutions currently available.

I think it's worth while saying that this shouldn't replace Solution Profiler, but complement it and although it's more admin, I think it's worth listing your solution in both places.


At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference in Denver, Microsoft announced the OBA OnRamp program for partners.  As part of this program, was launched to provide a place to learn about available partner OBA solutions and services.

Checkout the following infoWorld story for associated coverage:

If you are a partner that has an OBA solution or service offering (or are in the process of building one), visit the site to have your solutions listed and enhance your website with this snazzy little icon:


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