Please help us become a better Partner

Please help us to become a better Partner

We are about to launch our online Global Relationship Survey which is our Customer & Partner satisfaction survey. We would be really grateful for your feedback if you are selected randomly to participate as it's about your levels of satisfaction with Microsoft.

We take the feedback very seriously and as the Australian ISV audience owner, your feedback helps shape my plans for the year ahead.  If you are not selected and would like to contribute, please feel free to provide any feedback directly to me.

Success for Microsoft is to have you say you are 'very satisfied' rather than 'somewhat dissatisfied' or 'very dissatisfied' - this is in line with the general practice of customer and partner satisfaction surveys.  To learn more about this survey, watch the short video below of Pip Marlow (our Director).


Pip Marlow talks about the Importance of the Microsoft Partner Survey
Watch it here

Sarah Arnold talks about the Microsoft Action Pack

Watch it here

How can you help?
This survey is truly one of the most important ways in which we receive your feedback, and it drives changes in the way we work with you. Unless you see value in our relationship, and are satisfied with Microsoft's engagement, we cannot be confident of the long term growth of our business and of course of the health of the partner ecosystem that is so important to us.

What has Microsoft changed as a result?
When we summarise your feedback we see the following priority areas you would like us to improve on together with our committed actions: