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Microsoft Popfly

John's post on Popfly seems to have popped up a lot in the Microsoft blogsphere recently.  There's a great example on how Popfly could be used in the retail space with the "Gift-o-Matic"... I thought I was pretty familiar with what it could do after a few of Nick Hodge's demos... but this is cool (discounting Nick's t-shirt here).

As John says, "Popfly is pretty cool.  Not just geeky-cool -- but honest-to-goodness cool on multiple levels.  It goes way beyond what anyone else is doing, and represents a new way for businesses and consumers to engage with each other.  If there's anything close, it's FaceBook with their FaceBook applications -- but those only work on FaceBook -- and Popfly works on FaceBook and virtually everywhere else, too".

So you are interested in doing something with Popfly...

  1. Visit http://www.popfly.ms/Overview/ for some other examples on the art of the possible
  2. Visit the Popfly blog for a step-by-step guide on how to get it
  3. Read the Popfly documentation at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/express/bb510375.aspx

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