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Back in February, ShaneMo and Kordesy  attended "Artists in Residence" in Redmond and they were so impressed, they’re bringing it Australia!

What is it?

The idea of Artists in Residence is to quickly get designers and developers productive with Microsoft Silverlight. Basically it works like this:

Artists in Residence runs for 5 days. You send along 2 people – a desinger and a developer. The developer needs basic .NET programming skills, the designer doesn’t need any particular MS skills, but needs to be ready to get the hang of Expression.

The first day and a half is training aimed at both designers and developers, getting them productive doing basic tasks in Silverlight using Expression Studio and Visual Studio. For the remainder of the week, the pairs work on a small project of their choosing, with the help of ‘mentors’ who are there to answer questions and generally help out. We encourage the teams to choose something manageable, but relevant to their work. At the end of the week they present their Silverlight projects back to the group, and then take their projects back to their workplaces.

We found Artists in Residence to be a really valuable and fun way to build practical Silverlight skills, with particular emphasis on the ‘designer/developer’ workflow part. Being able to work on our own project made the training much more enjoyable. The format also allows for teams with different levels of experience to set their own pace. There is growing demand for Silverlight training, particularly for designers, and we think this is a really effective approach.

What does it cost? No charge.

Where? Microsoft Melbourne offices in Southbank.

What else? Five days from 1-5 of December. Participants will need their own Windows laptops.


If you want to send 2 people along get in touch. Places are very limited, so first-in, first-served. Don't forget you need to send a developer and designer pair, and they need to be able to be on-site for 5 days, 1-5 December.