Scott Guthrie on Microsoft's Play for Rich Internet Applications


Our Scott Guthrie (who heads up the Silverlight development team) was interviewd by Knowledge@Wharton.  Visit the site to download/play the audio.  Questions from Knowledge@Wharton include:

  • Microsoft just launched the first beta of Silverlight 2. Why is this important?
  • What's Microsoft's revenue model for Silverlight?
  • How will you decide when to go with Silverlight versus other web technologies?
  • I note you've adopted the term "rich Internet application" rather than "rich interactive application" -- you're not going to fight that battle?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from Flash? Why is Silverlight something that we need? Why not just use Flash if you're building an interactive web app?
  • when will we see Silverlight on the iPhone?

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