The Economic Impact of IT, Software and the Microsoft Ecosystem on the Global Economy

One of our compelling ISV value propositions is the size of the Microsoft ecosystem and our ability to help new and existing ISVs to tap into it. We now have an independent proof point with a newly released IDC study.  Read it to learn more about the specific impact that IT, software, and the Microsoft partner ecosystem have on economies in 82 countries.


  • Jobs developing, distributing, installing, and servicing software account for approximately 50 percent of IT employment, globally.

  • During the next four years, spending on software is projected to create almost 4.5 million of the 7.1 million anticipated new IT-related jobs worldwide.

  • Forty-two percent of global IT employment in 2007 stems from the Microsoft ecosystem.

Projected Partner Impact

  • Partners—most of them operating in individual economies—will earn an estimated US$7.79 for every revenue dollar Microsoft earns worldwide.

  • Of the 35 million people working for IT vendors or in IT departments of customer organizations, more than 40 percent work with Microsoft products or services, or with products and services that run on Microsoft platforms.

  • Through 2011, IT spending is projected to grow six percent annually—about twice the global (average) rate of GDP.

  • In 2007, the Microsoft ecosystem will generate more than US$420 billion in revenues. Total investment by that ecosystem for 2007 and 2008—most of which will be invested locally—will be nearly US$200 billion.

Read the Study

If you are a Microsoft Registered Partner, you may access the IDC studies below, by geographical region. Also, read more press materials on the IDC Global Impact Study.  If you want to sign up, click here.

*IDC Global Economic Impact, 2007, "The Economic Impact of IT, Software, and the Microsoft Ecosystem on the Global Economy" (© 2007 IDC).

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