Voices for Innovation

Voices for Innovation

Voices for innovation is a global online community of Microsoft partners; technology professionals, consumers, academics and others who support our ecosystem. It provides a way for members, those who are dependent on advances in technology in order to be able to innovate and compete successfully, to actively promote policies that enable a pro-innovation agenda to deliver economic benefits, job growth and consumer choice.

What does Voices for Innovation do?
Every day, decisions are made in the public policy arena that impact how the technology sector innovates and succeeds. Through the participation of its members, Voices for Innovation educates government officials and other audiences about technology policy issues. We aim to demonstrate the positive impact that the technology sector has on the economy and job growth, as well as its other social contributions.

What are the primary goals of Voices for Innovation?
  • Choice: Procurement Policy > Open XML > Privacy Choice
  • Innovation: Intellectual Property > Fair Competition
  • Economic Development: Technology Education >  Workforce Development > Research & Development

Partner Value Proposition: what's in it for you?
By joining the community, members have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about and stay informed on policy issues (click here to receive alerts)
  • Network with others who share an interest in the impact of IT policy (click here to join the online community)
  • Share your views to policy makers and influencers on issues that impact your business;
  • Opportunity to deepen relationship with the community

How you can help… (gives)

  • Sign a petition or send an email to a policy leader
  • Author and send a unique email or letter to policy leaders
  • Send a letter to the media (click here to learn how) 
  • Recruit ten friends to join the effort
  • Attend a meeting with a policy maker
  • Participate in a policy conference
  • Organise a meeting with a local policy leader

Partner Benefits (gets)

  • Stay informed to help you protect against policy decisions that may negatively impact your business
  • Resources to support external communications
  • Opportunities to network with other partners and policy leaders
  • Deepen relationships with the community
  • Substantive policy updates and briefings on issue that impact their businesses

Every voice makes a difference. Voices for Innovation offers you the opportunity to share your views about important policy debates that impact the world of technology.  Thank you for your support.


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